Ballroom Shoes

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What is special about a pair of ballroom dance shoes?

Flexibility, weight, support, grip and (for the ladies) heel placement.

Dance shoes are crucial to achieving proper technique as well as protecting the body. When dancing, the feet must be well supported and yet able to flex, point, glide and turn.

The suede soles of dance shoes are designed to give exactly the right amount of grip to allow light, controlled gliding and the heel shape, specifically the heel placement of women’s shoes is carefully engineered to improve balance and steadiness.

Ballroom shoesAchieving the right fit is a must for comfort and safety. At La Danse we hold a wide range of styles, widths and heel heights so that dancers can try on a variety of shoes to find the perfect style and fit. Here at La Danse we favour Freed’s Dancesteps range and once you have found the perfect shoe, you can customise it to your own choice of fabric.

We stock ballroom shoes from several different manufacturers to cater for the variety of dancers’ needs, including age, experience, the shape of the feet, joint issues to be accommodated, frequency of use, preferred price range and of course, the style of dance. Our staff will offer the time, patience and expertise to guide you through the fitting process as much or as little as you like.


Prices start from £49.99.