Freestyle and Exercise

Barefoot is a beautiful way to dance, but prolonged hours of dancing or certain types of flooring can place stress and trauma on unprotected bare feet.

The current market sports all kinds of stylized footwear suitable for freestyle and contemporary dance and many of these shoes are also favourites for multi genres of dance and fitness, for example yoga, pilates, belly dancing, body conditioning, pole, aerial and gymnastics, to name but a few.

The newest addition to the market are Dancesox. These are no ordinary socks, they feature compression arches, spin pads, undersole grip and heel padding.

Footundeez continue to be a popular choice for optimal performance with minimal fabric.

Following the enforced closure of retail during lockdown, some of our Spin shoes, FootUndeez, Blochsox and Lifeknit sox have found their way into our SALE section. Enjoy these bargains while stocks last.


Prices range from £10.99-£35.99