Ballroom – Safety and Social Distancing

Social Ballroom Dancing was one of the hardest hit activities of the 2020/21 pandemic and as we return to the dancing we love so much, we do so with caution.

Just as your dance teachers will carefully plan a safe return to classes and social dances, here at La Danse we have created an environment where you can shop for your new dance shoes in safety.

Fitting is such an important part of choosing ballroom shoes and we pride ourselves on our range of products and fitting service. In order to maintain this service, we designed and installed a screened fitting area, allowing access to feet and products but maintaining protective barriers at all times. Thanks to the lovely old fashioned sash windows, the fitting space enjoys natural ventilation as well!

Ever since reopening after the first lockdown we have followed stringent processes to protect both customers and staff – please see our COVID-19 section for our ongoing pledges, which will continue long after restrictions are officially lifted. One of our ballet customers visiting for new pointe shoe in July 2020 said:

“This is the safest shop in Worcester!”

We invite you to visit and judge for yourself.