What to expect from a La Danse pointe fitting

We take care of everything at your fitting, all we ask of you is to wear convertible tights or ballet socks, (and if you forget we have both options available to buy or borrow, so don’t worry) and please cut your toe nails, long nails are painful on pointe. If you have a foot injury, we will not fit you with pointe shoes, this is for your own safety.

In order to find the perfect fit, your pointe shoe fitter will:

  • Observe the shape of your feet, specifically your toes, looking for any issues that might benefit from fitting aids to prevent friction or pressure that could cause discomfort in the future.
  • Take into account your instep on the flat and in tendu, and watch the way you rise onto demi pointe.

From this observation, we are able to select the best pointe shoe style options for you to try on.

The pointe shoe fitting process includes:

  • Exploring toe padding options – There are combinations of toe padding options – your fitter will let you try these on and explain the differences to allow you to make an informed choice.
  • Choosing length, width and shank strength – Your fitter will explain how the shoes should feel in width, length and strength in order to give maximum comfort whilst safely supporting the foot.
  • Trying out the shoe on pointe – starting with placing each foot en pointe, one foot at a time, without weightbearing. When your fitter is certain the shoe is a safe fit, she will hold the shoes in place, (thus acting as ribbons) and invite you to take that first thrilling step up onto pointe.

At this exciting moment your family audience may well like to take some pictures! As long as you are secure, comfortable and feeling good, we welcome photographs. If you need a little longer to gain your confidence, that’s fine, we will ask your audience to delay until you feel ready.

We have a barre and mirror in the fitting area so the dancer is able to view the look of the fit of the shoe on pointe and on the flat. Your fitter will ask questions about the support and comfort of the shoe – and will listen to your feedback about the feel of the shoes en pointe. This feedback, combined with your fitter’s experience and advice will decide how suitable the shoes are and we repeat this process with as many pairs of shoes as we need to ensure you find that perfect pair.

When we have together chosen your pointe shoes, your fitter will explain the accessories you need and talk you through the initial stages of preparing your shoes – we also have a 9 part video series on YouTube that you can refer back to at home, so don’t be daunted by this part of the journey onto pointe.

Thank you for choosing La Danse for your first pointe shoes. We are proud and honoured to be part of one of the most exciting moments in your dance training and career.